2017 Winner
Pictured: Left, Major General Fontaine, Ret., David Reed, “Cowboy” Jax Young
In all organizations, no matter how small or large, non-profit or for profit, volunteer or honorary, there is someone who is the “backbone.” David Reed is one of the most generous, kindhearted, self-motivating, team-motivating, out-of-the-box thinkers that anyone could ever have the pleasure of welcoming onto their team. David is responsible for contributions of over $25K in pro-bono hours which allowed S.A.V.E. Home Front to achieve 501(c)(3) status in record time from the IRS. He has also logged thousands of hours from the position of Chief Financial Officer and has been the key component in guiding S.A.V.E. Home Front out of the flames of making quick decisions and developing misinformed relationships. He has worked diligently to protect our mission. His ability on a day-to-day basis is something worthy of an adjective that hasn’t been invented yet. He not only works tirelessly for our Veterans, but he makes sure that every I  is dotted, and every T  is crossed, not only for our team, but for our Executive Board and for our strategic partnerships. Without David Reed, S.A.V.E. Home Front would still be in its infancy phase. With David, we have the ability to shoot, move, and communicate on the optimum level as an established 501(c)(3) Public Charity. David Reed is the backbone of S.A.V.E. Home Front.