• At S.A.V.E. Home Front our goal and focus is to give A Help Up Not A Hand Out For Veterans. How we do that, is by focusing on what is needed to prevent our Veterans from ever reaching the point of isolation, hopelessness, and finally desperation.
  • That starts with a focus on the positive. We are the First Organization to provide financial aid to Veterans at a specific stress point in their life while they’re waiting for their VA benefits to be approved.
  • No Veteran wants to feel like a spectacle or that they have become a burden or hindrance to society. This is completely the opposite of why they joined the military, and one of the main reasons Veterans lose their sense of dignity and honor.

  • Through S.A.V.E. Home Front’s four-tier program we will gather Veterans together and speak to their souls without them experiencing guilt, embarrassment, or anxiety.

  • We also are a positive advocate for Veterans Affairs (VA). In addition, we are proud to support Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs) such as the American Legion. It is important to present these groups with a positive approach to Veterans because the VA and the VSOs provide the resources that act as the compass that can lead Veterans to finding success in their daily lives.

  • S.A.V.E. Home Front will provide substantial financial relief (G.I.F.T.) to Veterans and their families during these times of waiting in order to alleviate the anxiety-producing delay. There are prolonged wait times for Veterans to receive their benefits, in most cases, three months or more.
  • S.A.V.E. Home Front puts physical cash into the Veteran’s hands when they need it, which is now. By providing this help up, not a hand out, we can help the Veteran reach a sustainable focus to provide the opportunity to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.
Giving to S.A.V.E.​ has never meant more!

Tour of Duty

Tour of Duty is designed to create a positive synergy between Veterans and Community neighbors through music and information sharing.
First step to draw out Veterans and pull them back into their local communities and gives the communities the opportunity to help their own brothers and sisters.
  • Provides a stress-free environment so Veterans can start the process of filing for their VA benefits, finding local services of support such as resume building help, job placement in local community businesses, financial support programs, VA medical and counseling services, and business opportunities.
  • Provides support to Veterans families and strengthens their resolve by giving a help up not a hand out and showing their community what a positive influence they can have to help these Veterans transition back into society.
  • Tour of Duty is the first step in a four-tier program that pairs Veterans with a support structure in a non-threating environment to help them succeeded and become a positive community neighbor.


Providing Veterans who are in the waiting process for approval of their disability claim with Veterans Affairs (VA) a cash grant of approximately $2,000 per month for three months.
Encouraging Veterans to seek counseling with the VA - 30% of soldiers develop mental problems within 3 to 4 months of being home.

Encouraging Veterans to apply for benefits from the VA - Among Gulf War Era II Veterans (serving from September 2001-Present) 36 percent (1.4 million) have a service-connected disability.
  • Establishing successful outcomes by helping each Veteran to transition during their disability claim, and in return, be able to help another Veteran do the same. S.A.V.E. XXII offers a help up, not a hand out.
  • Providing a significant contribution to community and family by healthy, physically, and mentally strong Veterans. 
Battle Buddy

  • S.A.V.E. Battle Buddy is a program designed to alleviate one of the Veterans’ three major issues immediately: social interaction
  • Taking two populations in need and providing opportunity for education, vocation, and social integration.
  • Increasing morale and work force by shaping the world one puzzle piece at a time.

Provide Veterans with Job Training, Job Placement, and Education/Vocation Opportunities.
Create a self-sustainment attitude for the Veteran to be a contributing community neighbor by encouraging business ownership and providing Veterans support and planning to accomplish this. 

Provide Veterans with comprehensive list/guide/conduit to all the numerous and various benefits available at the local, state and federal level.
  • Implement Capital Contribution Campaign (CCC) targeting highly appreciated capital assets for gifting to SAVE Home Front which will generate long-term synergy and loyalty with community neighbors.
  • Create a matrix to simplify the Employer Veteran Hiring Tax Credit to make it much easier to bring the unemployed Veteran and the Employer together for a best-fit scenario.