Vice Chair, CEO, Founder, Veteran, "Cowboy" Jax Young
Who he is:

Jax Young believes in and lives the Army values professionally and personally. The acronym for the seven basic tenets of the Army is L.D.R.S.H.I.P., which stands for Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. He credits those values to being the core of a successful business and life.

As an established entertainer, Jax has operated 17 years professionally in the entertainment industry. He has excelled at diverse roles within this industry, reaching full circle from performer to educator to businessman, all of which contribute to the well-rounded leader and businessman he is today both inside and outside of the entertainment industry.


Stand-In (Television/Major Motion Picture),
• Professional Musician (Television/Radio/Live/ Music Video)
• Professional Dancer (Live/Video/Music Video/Teacher/Choreographer)
• Professional Actor (Television/Video/Film/Music Video)
• Professional Model (Books/Print/Runway/National Brand Face)

Executive Producer (Video/Film/Music)
• Producer (Film)
• Casting (Video/Film)
• Casting Director (Video/Film/Music Video)
• Co-writer (Video/Film/Music)
• Assistant Director (Video/Film)
• Costuming (Video/Film/Dance)
• Choreographer (Hand-to-Hand Combat: Film/Dance: Live, Video, Music Video)
• Stage Management (Live Music)
• Business Management (Operations/Logistics/Promotions/Marketing/Public Relations)
• Business Administration (Operations/Logistics/Promotions/Marketing/Public Relations)
• Business Owner (Dance Studio/Recording Artist/Songwriter)
• Consulting (Sales/Executive/Leadership/Motivation)
• Sales (Products/Service/Promotions/Marketing)

He has worked with award-winning directors, mainstream television and Hollywood movie actors, and iconic music professionals. He has himself won awards as a professional dancer/teacher and musician. His career has been very blessed, as he had no ambition of pursuing the entertainment industry at all. However, that is exactly what happened when a prospective 20-year military career was cut short by an injury during a combat exercise.

His story:
Jax is a U.S. Veteran (disabled), Honorable Discharge, United States Army. His status in the Green to Gold program at Indiana State University, where he pursued a double-major in Military Science and Philosophy, was cut short after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. He felt it his patriotic obligation to return to active duty and fight for his country. He was stationed at 101st Airborne Division "Air Assault." Duties and responsibilities included Operations and Intelligence, Joint Operations Liaison for Battalion HHC S2 and S3, Javelin Gunner, Team Leader, Schools N.C.O., Infantry Scout HHC, R.T.O., and Secret Clearance. During a combat training exercise, Jax sustained an injury which caused a traumatic brain injury (TBI). He was Honorably Discharged from the Army, and eventually went on to pursue a career in the music industry.

Various life events led Jax to finding himself in oppressive circumstances similar to those of other Veterans. He became homeless, depressed, anxious, financially destitute, and eventually questioned whether living was even worth it. These painful experiences, along with time spent with brothers and sisters adversely affected by war, are the motivation behind creating S.A.V.E. XXII. He now uses his professional skills and personal core values to pioneer the next generation of Veteran-centric nonprofit organizations.

Education, Honors, & Philanthropy:
• Alumnus of Vincennes University and recipient of the Pace Maker Paddle award for outstanding academic and community service relations. The Pace Maker Paddle award is one of the highest honors given to students at the university
• Nationally endorsed member of Sigma Pi Fraternity International
• Honored by the proclamation of JYC Day in Martin County Indiana
Over the years, Young has received many other accolades and awards, but his cornerstone of reward, he believes, is being a man of the people.

Personal Scope:
Called "Cowboy" by his friends, Jax enjoys riding horses, being an outdoorsman, and being a gentleman. His favorite pastime is leading by example by mentoring and doing motivational speaking for at-risk children.

Jax says, "We only get there together, and together is how we make a difference."