What Does S.A.V.E. Mean?
S.A.V.E. XXII’s financial rehabilitation program aides in the sustainability of our Veterans in their daily lives and in their communities.

Grant Incentive Funding Transition (G.I.F.T.):
Southeast Michigan is our pilot program. The goal of the G.I.F.T. Program is to provide Veterans who are in the waiting process for approval of their disability claim with Veterans Affairs (VA) a cash grant of approximately $2,000 per month for three months (average wait time for approval by the VA is 125 days). This pilot program will become the template for our nation-wide G.I.F.T. Program.

To specifically identify the disabled Veteran’s needs, we will use the American Legion and VA as our key points of resource. This will provide three things to insure G.I.F.T. is affording optimum results: transparency, integrity, and efficiency.

In the first step of the G.I.F.T., we will provide financial assistance to post 9/11 Veterans in crisis. Once step one is self-sustaining, we will add step two, which will be to help all Veterans in crisis through G.I.F.T.  

Why S.A.V.E. XXII’s G.I.F.T. program in Southeast Michigan?
​Need Analysis:1
• 44% of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans (IAV) have not completed their degree due to financial challenges
• 31% felt a major financial impact due to waiting for a claim with the VA
• 74% have experienced a period of unemployment since leaving the military
• 74% do not have a comprehensive financial plan for transition out of active service
• 72% of IAV report that they do not have the ability to pay bills within the 1st year of leaving the military. While this is from a nationwide survey, the effects are felt to a greater extent in Veteran-rich states with a large population of young (under 40) Veterans like Michigan, which is ranked number 14 in the United States.
• Veterans report a Disability Compensation Backlog:2
• 79% of Veterans reported waiting over 125 days to be notified of the VA claim decision
• 29% of Veterans reported waiting over 1 year to be notified of the VA claim decision
• 33% of Veterans are still awaiting a decision
• 11% of Veterans didn’t have health care while waiting for a claim
• 31% of Veterans felt a major financial impact due to waiting for a claim

Discouraging? It may be for some, but at S.A.V.E. XXII we find it a challenge, and one that we sincerely want to take on. Our G.I.F.T. Program will change lives by reaching these Veterans with our programs of financial support, morale and mental wellbeing, our Battle Buddy connection, and detailed access to fully-funded opportunities available to Veterans.
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