Our Boards, Executive and Advisory, are comprised of over 200 years of combined experience in multiple fields of expertise ranging from entertainment, logistics, operations, contracting, consulting, finance, and other specialties.

All of our Executive Board has served, or is currently serving, in one of the branches of the United States Armed Forces or government. We are proud to call ourselves Veteran owned and Veteran advised. Along with being vetted with some degree of secret clearance or high-level position, each of our Executive Board directors is an optimum resource for knowledge and experience in their respected fields. 

The strategy of this design is for two reasons: 
1. It ensures the highest level of integrity.
2. It combines a fantastic synergy capable of think-tanking the Veteran’s mentality before and after they become a civilian.​​ 
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Advisory Chair/Veteran, ​​Charles Sills, 
President of FED/Contracting, LLC
Chair/Major General Yves Fontaine, Ret.
President of Fontaine Consulting, LLC
Vice Chair/ CEO/Founder/ Veteran, "Cowboy" Jax Young
Director/Lt. Colonel Michael Scuteri, Ret.  ​Director/Contract Administration, Crowley Logistics, Incorporated (CLI), Crowley Maritime