What Does S.A.V.E. Mean?
Story Description
Our Female Hero is sent overseas on Military deployment. Her Significant Other is left behind, regretting not showing her his support. He turns his regret into motivation, embarking on a campaign that will show her that no matter the distance, love conquers all by Leaving a Light On.

Your purpose in this music video is to show that Veterans and community neighbors can come together to create success synergy. With your help, by being seen nationally, and sharing your experience on social media, we hope to go viral for Veterans who need us to shine positive life change opportunity on them, so they can leave their hopelessness behind them in the dark.

Shoot Dates
December 11 all Military scenes shot. If interested, contact Anne (below) December 12 all Petoskey scenes shot at various locations. Contact Anne. Major Scenes: (no acting experience required)
Crowd Participation Shot: Looking for 50 or more extras on the evening of December 12. For time and location, contact Anne.
Hospital Scene: Looking for 20 extras, mainly looking for “real-world” disabled Veterans. Contact Anne.

Final Thoughts
Like us on Facebook, because we hope to see you on it very soon in our music video. In addition, if you are cast for a Featured Extra role, we would like you to clear your schedule for the full day (either December 11 or 12.) If it is not possible to clear your schedule for the day, be sure to check with Casting to see when your scene is shot (day or evening), and if you can be available a half day (e.g., day shot = available daylight hours, night shot = available night hours).

If you have ever wanted an opportunity to be discovered, or get experience in the entertainment world, this is your chance for the opportunity of a lifetime.
Let’s make this a great community experience and create wonderful memories together.

Production: Saylors Brothers, Johnny Neel (#1 Song Writer Allman Brothers), Detroit native Curtiss Boone
Contact: Anne Rowe: [email protected]